5 Day Tapping Challenge

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Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri.  7:00 pm MDT
Weds.  5:00pm MDT

MDT - 7:00 PMPDT - 6:00 PM, CFT - 8:00 PM,  EDT - 9:00 PM
MDT - 5:00 PM = PDT - 4:00 PM, CFT - 6:00 PM,  EDT - 7:00 PM

Many free Tapping YouTube videos are only 5 minutes long.  Join me to experience the real benefits of  25 - 30 minutes of "extended" Tapping.  It may surprise you!

Attend on the nights you're available!

Online Tapping offers you flexibility and connection:

Benefit #1

Extended Tapping - 
30 minutes of Tapping gets deeper results.  Experience this
for yourself!

Benefit #2

Tapping Q&A Bonus
15 - 20 minutes;
get wording ideas and options for your issues from an EFT Expert.

Benefit #3

This Tapping - 
EFT community
(& private FB Grp)
offers energetic &
emotional support releasing stress; addressing issues.

You can choose which issues or emotions to focus on releasing, with Tapping!
Whatever your issues are, self-acceptance and self-confidence are key to inner balance.

A Bonus for You:  When you've joined the group you'll see the link for the free extended Tapping script:
"EFT Self-Acceptance - Today I Choose to Love All of Me"

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